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    What We Do

    Introducing 100 Kids Who Care: Empowering Young Philanthropists

    Welcome to 100 Kids Who Care, a unique charity initiative that harnesses the power of young hearts and minds to make a significant impact in their community. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to inspire children between the ages of 5 and 13 to become compassionate leaders, actively participating in charitable endeavors while learning valuable life lessons along the way.

    At 100 Kids Who Care, children take charge and make a difference. Every quarter, our dedicated young volunteers come together to share their time, passion, and personal contributions. With just $10 from their own pockets, they embark on a journey of discovery, compassion, and teamwork.

    During each event, our enthusiastic kids eagerly listen to three engaging presentations from different community charities. They learn about the vital work these organizations do and gain valuable insights into various social causes. Following the presentations, these budding philanthropists cast their votes, collectively deciding which charity they believe deserves the financial support.

    But the impact doesn't stop there. Sherry and Melissa, our dedicated coordinators, work tirelessly to secure sponsors before the event, matching the children's donations. As a result, the selected charity receives a generous check representing the total amount of the kids' contributions. This transformative moment not only benefits the chosen organization but also instills a profound sense of accomplishment in the children, knowing that their actions have made a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

    100 Kids Who Care goes beyond monetary donations. We believe in the power of fostering well-rounded individuals who are prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. That's why, after each event, our young philanthropists gather to enjoy a special activity, such as a movie night in the park. This time together creates lasting memories, strengthens friendships, and reinforces the importance of community and collaboration.

    Through this inspiring charity, our kids gain invaluable life skills. They learn about leadership, community responsibility, and the power of unity. They discover the true value of money, realizing that even a small contribution can have a big impact. Most importantly, they become the future leaders our world needs, instilled with empathy, compassion, and a deep-rooted commitment to making a difference.


    Join us at 100 Kids Who Care and be a part of this incredible journey. Together, let's empower the next generation of philanthropists and create a brighter future for all.

    Meet the Team

    Compassionate. Driven. Impactful.

    Meet our extraordinary team of individuals driven by a shared passion for making a positive impact. With Melissa's dedication to community service and spearheading heart health campaigns, Sherry's commitment to charity events and pet welfare, Ema's boundless enthusiasm for helping others, and Kaitlyn's leadership as a Girl Guide, together, we form a powerhouse team fueled by compassion, expertise, and a collective drive to create meaningful change in our community.


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